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After gathering so much information from our website you must be thinking what to do and what not to do while you meet an escort in Delhi through us. That question has haunted many people who call us or contact us for the very first time because they are totally unaware of the fact that they need to prepare well before meeting any escort girl in Delhi as it is not an ordinary thing by any means. Moreover in current day scenario it has become all the more important to think about the do’s and don’ts while meeting an escort girl.

Going for an incall meeting with an escort in Delhi

As we have already told you in other pages of this website that going for an incall meeting with an escort in Delhi is not an easy task and should be taken care of particularly. This is because of the malpractices prevalent in our society. When you arrive an incall location always look around first carefully and if you come across any strangers moving here and there vigorously looking at you in a disgusting manner then it’s better you should leave immediately from there. If it is a hotel and people try to show that they are house keeping staff then also be cautious because mostly in all hotels the house keeping staff cleans the rooms in morning and not at any odd hours of the day. However, you are totally safe if you are coming at our incall location as we offer good 5 star hotels in Delhi which are girl friendly and good for customers as well.

Second thing to keep in mind is that whenever you are going for an incall meeting always leave your valuables like your wallet, wrist watch and other things that you might be wearing or carrying behind in your car or your apartment as it’s not at all safe to carry valuable to an escort girl’s incall location. But you should always carry your phone and cash that has to be given to the escort in Delhi for their service. Carrying an ordinary phone instead of a costly one is not a bad idea as this ensures safety of your valuable devices as well. However, if you are taking escort service through us this will not be an issue because the incall location offered by us is totally safe and you will meet only the girl and there will be no one else to haunt you or create any kind of fears. You can safely carry all your valuables when you are coming for an incall at our location and no one will even see your belongings.

Going for an outcall meeting with an escort in Delhi

female escorts in Delhi

As most of you may decide to meet the Delhi escort girl outside their premises, you should know that it is called an outcall meeting. In today’s scenario outcall meeting with escorts in Delhi are very common as people prefer to meet girls at the comfort of their home or hotel room. However, in case you have just decided for an outcall and still to decide the place where you will take her then it’s better to ask us for a list of girl friendly hotels in Delhi. All the 5 stars or for that matter 4 star hotels in Delhi are not girl friendly hotels. Only a few of them will allow you to take escort girls in Delhi with you. Over the years we have experienced almost all the hotels in Delhi and by now we have a verified list of girl friendly hotels in Delhi. Some of them will even allow you to go without an ID proof which is a must according to laws in Delhi. Also, these girl friendly hotels are also customer friendly because they will give you rooms with Delhi ID proofs which others might not do as according to laws prevalent here hotels in Delhi are not allowed to give rooms to Delhiites on Delhi ID proofs.

Also it is very important to know how to behave with escorts in Delhi if you are taking them for an outcall service. Firstly, you should always give them the money decided in the beginning as soon as you meet them because this makes them feel comfortable and gives an impression that you are a genuine customer who loves to meet escorts in Delhi. Secondly, you should not straightaway start asking for undue favours as some escort girls in Delhi might be very shy and beginners and they may take a long time to get comfortable with you. While taking service from an escort in Delhi your intention should always be good you should aim at spending quality time with her rather than wondering about some illegal acts. It is the choice of a girl if she may feel comfortable with you and give you some favours in return but its not mandatory that all escorts in Delhi will do the same or act same. Just like clients the escort girls in Delhi are also looking for good human beings who can be their good friends and share enjoyable moments together. They will cherish a movie or a drink in a nice pub in Delhi rather than going to a hotel directly.

Our advise to all escort lovers in Delhi

Although much has already been said about it we would like to conclude this page with a golden advise from our side to all escort lovers in Delhi. This advise is that the female escorts in Delhi are girls who are looking for some good friends and a good companion in lieu of some money. Hence, you should not treat them as mere objects which you can use and throw. They have heart and they know what is good and what is bad. They are looking for good friends and companions and if you too are looking for same then only you should go ahead and build a relationship with escorts in Delhi. They love to spend time with guys outside, hang around at places to visit in Delhi, watch movies together and enjoy a day like a girlfriend escorts in Delhi.