How to contact Delhi Escorts through phone?

Delhi escorts phone number

This question comes to everyone’s mind after reading so much about Delhi escort services. People keep searching on internet for Delhi escorts mobile number and at the end of the day end up dialling some wrong number. Most of them think that the number they are dialling will be picked up by some escort girl in Delhi and they will be able to talk dirty with them. But that’s not the case here. Our phone number for booking Delhi escorts is +91-9990223143 and our calls are attended by a male so that the irritating elements of this society are kept away with. So, in case you are looking forward to book an escort girl in Delhi through us you can always call us on our mobile number. We are not always available for calls because, firstly we take bookings only when our Delhi escort girls are free, secondly we attend calls mostly after 10 am till 11 pm and for the rest of the day we keep in touch with our clients through other means of communication. Hence if you are interested in talking to us on phone you should be prepared to dial us between these hours and not in odd hours. In case someone calls us repeatedly in odd hours we can always block these callers and put their numbers in auto-reject list in mobile phones.

With all this information we would like to add some lines here that the number that we have provided here is strictly for booking Delhi escorts only and not for any other service or purpose. People may think that this is some number for phone s*x or fun but we are sorry, that’s not the case at all. We don’t entertain any vulgar or cheap calls on this number and those who make such calls are banned or blocked forever from our phones. As we already told you that the person attending our calls is a Male and not a Female you should be prepared to talk to a Male and tell all your requirements frankly so that you get an escort girl in Delhi of your choice and to avoid any disappointments later on. However, some people are very shy of talking to males and telling them their requirements in that case you can always use and incognito way of contacting Delhi escorts team such as mentioned later on in this page. Telling your exact requirement is of strategic importance when it comes to booking an escort in Delhi as you might get disappointed later on if you don’t see someone whom you like even after paying a hefty sum for that.

Contacting Delhi Escorts girls through WhatsApp

Delhi escorts WhatsApp

The most frequently used and the most easy method to contact is through Delhi escorts WhatsApp. Nowadays people mostly avoid calling directly and send WhatsApp to Delhi escort agencies to book escort girls in Delhi. This helps them maintain privacy as well gives them an opportunity to put their heart out while telling their exact requirements. WhatsApp has also made the booking process of escort girls in Delhi simpler an easier as it facilitates the user to see the photos of Delhi escorts and select the girl that attracts them the most. WhatsApp has made it difficult for less attractive escort girls in Delhi to survive as in today’s world as nobody books an escort in Delhi without seeing photos on WhatsApp these days. Also, people are more interested in chatting on WhatsApp rather than talking on phone as it helps them keep a record of what we told them about different escort girls in Delhi.

Booking escorts in Delhi through WhatsApp is also good and comfortable for escort agencies in Delhi. This is because escort agencies in Delhi could keep a record of their customers through WhatsApp and they can make groups and broadcast lists of their customers and send them regular updates of escort girls in Delhi photos. However, it has also been noticed over a period of time that people choose WhatsApp as their sole means of communication with escort agencies in Delhi, i.e. they keep sending messages on WhatsApp of Delhi escorts service providers even if they are not getting any response from the other side. This is simply insane because many times it may happen that our Internet is not working or we are not in an area where Internet range is good. In such cases you may not receive our reply on WhatsApp for hours and hours. Hence, you should not keep waiting for our response on WhatsApp and if you don’t get our response in 15 to 20 minutes you should perceive that we are busy or offline and should quickly call us to book an escort girl in Delhi for yourself.

Email contact for Delhi Escorts

Are you the sort of guy who prefers emails over WhatsApp and messages? If yes, then we have a dedicated Delhi Escorts email id for you too. You can always drop us an email at and wait for our reply. Normally we reply to all our emails once every day, but during weekend the response on emails might be delayed because of obvious reasons. Hence, if you have chosen email as your preferred means of communication for contacting or booking Delhi escorts then you have to be patient and wait for the response. Some people who are contacting us from outside India for booking escorts in Delhi always prefer to send us email because it saves their money and it helps keeping a record for them.

Although in today’s world of fast communication through mobile and WhatsApp the email has lost its significance, but for some things emails are a perfect means of communication. This is because it gives the user a freedom to write n number of words and put his heart out while communicating with someone. This particularly is important while booking a Delhi escort girl because we need to understand your whims and fancies. We like to know what you like and what you dislike. It is going to be best if you can tell us even the smallest details about the escort girl in Delhi that you would like to book through us. Because at the end of the day what matters is your satisfaction. As we are in a service industry we always care for our customers’ feedback.

Our Privacy Policy


As a responsible Delhi escorts service agency we take care of all the information provided to us and don’t share it with anyone. This means that you can trust us on this part and give us your personal contact details so that we can provide you girls at right time and right place. We promise you that we will never share any of your details with anyone without your consent. Our privacy policy gives you confidence to contact us with your real phone number and address details, because you know that your information is in safe hands. Many agencies deliberately share your contact information with other marketing agencies in lieu of some petty money, but we don’t do so because we care for your privacy.

We don’t share your contact details even with our escort girls in Delhi as they might call or message you at a time which may be disturbing for you. Also, we recommend you to always keep your contact number private from Delhi escort girls because this might not be good in long run for you. Although our girls are very trustworthy and very polite but still we maintain the distance and keep all your personal information private from girls. Some agencies also keep your numbers in their WhatsApp broadcast list or add your number to some public group in WhatsApp, this may put you in additional trouble as you may recieve messages and calls at a time which is very unwanted. We never do these malpractices because we understand what is the value of your privacy and confidentiality.